Cellphone a major treat to public health

An Indian report going against the scientific mainstream says radio emissions from cellphones may pose a threat to public health.

The report by the country’s Department of Telecommunications, written by eight experts ranging from health specialists to telecom engineers, reviewed the scientific literature on electromagnetic frequency emissions and cited more than 20 case studies supposedly documenting a health hazard from cellphone usage, AAAS ScienceMag.org reported Friday.

The group did not carry out any studies of its own, ScienceMag.org reported.

The report suggests there is cause for concern about the low-energy radio signals cellphones use to communicate with broadcast towers.

One report author suggests Indians face greater risks than other populations.

R. S. Sharma, a public health specialist from the Indian Council of Medical Research, wrote, “The hot tropical climate of the country, the low body mass index/low fat content of an average Indian as compared to European countries and high environmental concentration of radio frequency radiation may place Indians under risk of radio frequency radiation adverse effect.”

The report calls for the permissible level of radiation emitted from cellphone towers be reduced by one-tenth the current level and that India adopt the U.S. standard for the allowable amount of radiation exposure from handsets.

The report contrasts with an exhaustive review last year by the World Health Organization that concluded, “To date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use.”

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